Mystery Shopper:
Identify new opportunities to grow
Mystery Shopper
Trade shows are a fantastic business opportunity where hundreds of your potential customers come together under one roof for a few days keen to find out about and buy products which can help them in their business. 

For your business it may be the single biggest sales opportunity of your whole year. Yet despite the hundreds of sales opportunities at every show, many exhibitors recognise they only tap into a small proportion of them. 
They know they could be generating even more business from trade shows - attracting more visitors to their stands, identifying more qualified leads, starting more sales conversations, and closing more deals.

83% of companies we observed failed to actively engage with any customers passing their stand.

Half of those that did try to get a customer's attention then asked the wrong type of question.

It’s tantalising to have so many prospects at a trade show but to only engage with a fraction of them. 
This is where we can help. 

We offer a mystery shopper service where we visit your stand at the show, observe how well it is working then provide you with a report and Zoom call to give you feedback on how to:
  • Improve your trade show performance 
  • ​Attract more visitors to your stand 
  • ​Engage in more sales conversations
  • Close more sales

We will give you feedback on both your strengths and areas for improvement.

This includes 30 different parameters such as:
  • What is it like to be a customer visiting your stand?
  • ​How well does your stand attract visitors?
  • ​How effective is your stand messaging?
  • Are there factors which are detracting from your stand?​
  • How well are your staff engaging with your customers?​
  • ​Have you got the right size of stand and the right number of staff on your stand?

47% of exhibitors don’t explain what’s unique about their products in their stand messaging.

In other words, prospects can’t see why they should do business with you.

It is hard to be objective about your own stand, messaging and even your sales performance. We aim to always be constructive in all our feedback but not shy away from telling you what will help you improve results. The emphasis is on learning to improve - not blame.

We believe every exhibiting company can improve what they are doing. There are hundreds of prospects at each trade show and each potential customer you speak to could be worth tens of thousands of pounds or more. And each opportunity lost to a competitor could be lost for life. It’s in your interests to take full advantage of your trade show and maximise every opportunity for growth.

That’s why the mystery shopper service is so valuable. It can help you identify exactly what you need to do to improve and generate more sales at a trade show and what to keep doing well.

Our mystery shopper service has been designed to work for exhibitors of all budgets, whether you have a small shell scheme stand or a larger space only stand. Prices start from £250 plus VAT.

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