How trade show organisers can help
improve exhibitor performance
It's fantastic to see that trade shows are back and delivering big audiences of quality buyers. The buzz is certainly returning to trade show floors as visitors re-embrace the value of doing business face-to-face. 

After the disruption of the last 18 months, it is more important than ever that exhibitors maximise their sales opportunities at these powerful business events. 

We have created a new system to do just this at potentially no cost to organisers. It's called Exhibitor Blueprint. 

It works as a collaboration between show organiser, exhibitors and us with the objective of increasing exhibitor performance - helping exhibitors maximise every opportunity and generate a better ROI. 
And this will result in massive benefits for show organisers.
  • Your exhibitors will experience a better ROI and will be more likely to rebook - increasing show retention rates.
  • They will see the need to book bigger stands and more promotional and sponsorship opportunities.
  • ​They will become show evangelists, making more noise about the show with more pre-show marketing. This will help grow the overall number of show attendees.
  • ​As companies take bigger stands their competitors are likely to follow suit. 
  • ​As the show grows, attracting new exhibitors becomes easier.
  • ​Visitors will have a better experience. They will have had their needs better met and will return next year.
 And ultimately ensure the growth and longevity of your show.
Find out how you can we can work together to improve exhibitor performance and grow your show.
"Any company that takes part in the Exhibitor Blueprint programme will without doubt improve their exhibiting skills and increase the sales revenue they get from their trade shows. 

Having spoken to Chris and Dave, what I really like is that they have created a template for success covering everything from the initial strategy planning to measuring ROI. Regular interaction with participants guides them through the programme highlighting how important each step is and the impact it will have on their business.”

Lee Ali – Managing Director - Expostars
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